Matt Millz

Singer - Songwriter - Producer

Brand New Single "Linin' Up" Out Now!

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October 3rd, 2014 - MORIndie

◈ MORindie ◈ - INDIE / ALTERNATIVE / MOR ➲ Matt Millz - Follow You Home ➲ BandCamp: ➲ ♡ on HypeM: Brilliance from Matt Millz, a songwriter with a distinctly heartfelt voice, and Nygel Asselin, who brings out Matt's talents in full.

September 25th, 2014 - The Music Ninja

"Somewhere in between Andrew BelleDevendra Banhart, and Chris Martin you’ll find Yellowknife-born folk singer/songwriter Matt Millz. While Millz may be a little more grainy at times in comparison to Belle, a little less whimsical than Banhart, and a little less refined than Martin, he’s a voice that’s equally as encapsulating, ensuring that you get lost in only a moment’s time.

This friendly neighbor to the north is a well-versed multi-instrumentalist, which is not hard to pick up during a quick three and a half minute listen through his debut single, “Follow You Home.” With cascading vocal ranges carefully caressing the calculated fingerpicking of his acoustic guitar, this tune boasts nothing more than just that and subtle atmospheric elements which help give the song its earthy soundscape and enchanting progression.

It’s raw, emotional, and inspirational, leading the listener down a heart-tugging journey led by Millz’s refined, yet sometimes rugged vocals. Kudos to both Millz and Nygel Asselin, whom co-wrote and produced this endearing folk gem."

September 29th, 2014 Pause Musicale

**Translated to English**

"With a voice able to catch the hearts of his cloudy patch, Matt Millz on Follow You Home weapon spirit haunting harmonies. This singer, producer, songwriter going all out for its first track, offering intimate sweet melody.

Playing with light and shadow while grace and a soul filled with a minimalist poetry, Matt Millz touch his soft folk.

So, a few guitar notes, it casts a halo of light sweet melody, dropping the newspaper as we dropped the sails, with strength and grace mixed."